We are committed to helping women Unlock their BOLDNESS, BRIGHTNESS, and VIBRANT spirit to discover the beauty and power that lives within; through coaching, membership, and Life Changing Events.  


Discover the Mystery To Our Virtue 

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The VW Vision 

Virsterious Woman aims to educate women of all backgrounds with our pillars to transforming a woman's life. Re-Defining relationships, Re-Focus your purpose and Re-Positioning Self-Esteem. We carry out this vision and mission by our life changing events, conferences, workshops, and membership. 


Virsterious Woman at the core is consistent, loving, and does all things in excellence. We are transparent with all or dealings and keep confidentiality our top priority in all women we serve. VW is always honest. honest about our services and transformation in changing women's lives. We produce women who are confident from the inside-out and not ashamed to let their beauty and power shine bright are VirsterioiusWomen!