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Throughout my journey, Daniella has continually been there to help me out. Especially when I wanted to give up on myself multiple times. However, you told me to trust God and his plans for me. The constant encouragement you have provided has allowed me to successfully combat the obstacles that were in front of me. 

Daniella Coffey 

Virsterious Woman Founder/CEO



Like you, Life-Transformational expert and personal development author Daniella Coffey, has seen first hand what emotional pain and struggle look like. Chasing your desires only to collide with your destiny. In 2012 that collision produced, Virsterious Woman®. As founder and President of the holistic organization, Virsterious Woman exists to Re-define relationships, Re-focus your purpose, and Re-position your self esteem to unlock the beauty and power within.   


With over two decades of life strategist experience, and key-note speaking engagements Daniella has real-life, in-the-trenches restaurant business experience, working alongside her father Rev. Larry Hopkins for over 15 years. Daniella appreciates, and shares with listeners, that empowering your own life change is a moment-to-moment choice and not about one situation, tenure or position. Transformation is constant and is for everyone, everyday. It's Daniella’s mission to disrupt the norm in a person's life in order to enact change.


Daniella, sometimes referred to as the “Transformational Coach” for her ability to stir up a group of people as if it’s only them and her in the room. Her coaching skills have helped countless women unlock their new level of potential. Daniella’s ability to educate women on how to move past the pain into possibilities is what connects her with an audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.


Daniella does monthly personal development coaching called Success Sessions and is a regular on-air personality on the AC Green show for 106.3 She consults and volunteers regularly for various non-for-profit women's organizations, and was nominated for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. She is a graduate of Chamberlain University with her BSN, RN, and continues to work with the best and brightest in personal development and coaching field. The author of the best selling book, Live Your Best Life, and speaker at a multitude of conferences world wide Daniella is walking among giants in her field and doing it as a Virsterious Woman®.